A totally period-correct build for May 2000. Featuring the CUBX-E and upgraded to P3-850.

About the Build

I received this Maxdata Artist 650 as part of a bigger lot and decided to upgrade it to period correct, maxed-out 2000s machine.


ASUS CUBX-E Rev. 1.01 Mainboard

Pentium III 850 MHz

256 MB RAM

ASUS V7700 – GeForce 2 GTS

Sound Blaster Live! CT4670

3com Ethernet Card

Promise FastTrak 100 IDE RAID Controller

2x IBM DeskStar DPTA-372050 Hard Disk Drives in RAID-0

Sony CRX145E CDR/RW Drive (NOS)

NEC DV-5700A DVD Drive

NEC FZ110A Zip Drive

Mitsumi D359M3 Floppy Disk Drive

Enermax EG-285P-V Power Supply

Windows 2000 SP4

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